The Multimedia students visited Trroy Sound Studio located in Kampala on 13th July 2023. During this visit they explored sound mixers, they learned how to use Logic Pro software for effects, transitions and sound mixing and also got exposure to various multimedia equipment’s.


Exploring a professional sound studio is an excellent educational opportunity for students interested in the field of multimedia and audio production. It is also necessary as the Uganda film industry is in dire need of skilled workers film sound production and management.

Learning how to use a sound mixer and getting hands-on experience with Logic Pro software for effects and sound mixing is incredibly valuable. Sound mixing is an essential aspect of multimedia production, as it allows creators to enhance and balance audio elements to create a polished and impressive final product.

Exploring a professional sound studio can be an eye-opening and practical opportunity for students interested in the field of multimedia and audio production.

Interacting with professionals in the studio setting can also provide valuable networking opportunities and allow students to learn from experienced professionals in the field. They may gain insights into industry best practices, trends, jobs and the demands of real-world multimedia projects.

Overall, this visit to Trroy Sound Studio left a lasting impression on the students, sparking creativity and inspiration in their future multimedia endeavors. It might also have motivated them to pursue further studies or careers in sound design, audio engineering and management.

Practical experiences like these are crucial in shaping the skills and passions of our students and preparing them for success in the multimedia industry.

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