Higher Education Certificate in Business & IT

Course Objective:

This program aims to bridge the gap between business and information technology by equipping students with an integrated understanding of core business practices and IT applications in the business world. It focuses on developing skills in business management, information systems, and technology-driven business strategies, preparing students for entry-level positions in business environments where technology plays a crucial role.

Learning Outcomes:

Understand the fundamentals of business operations, including finance, marketing, and management.

Gain insights into the role of information technology in enhancing business efficiency and competitiveness.

Develop basic skills in information systems management, database management, and IT project management.

Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address business and IT challenges.

Communicate effectively in a business environment, leveraging IT solutions to facilitate business processes.

Eligibility Criteria
  1. Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent with a Subsidiary Passes in any of the core science subjects mathematics, physics or chemistry obtained in the same sitting.
  2. Technical/Vocational Qualifications in Business or, Information Technology or related disciplines that are considered equivalent to the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (A-level).
  3. Students whose foreign secondary school qualifications are not considered equivalent to the Ugandan A-level (Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education) but permit admission into Higher Education in their respective home countries. Such students shall be required to have an equivalent of Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least five passes including Science subject such as mathematics, physics or chemistry.
  4. Students of Cambridge curriculum, upon completion of AS Level with 2 Advanced Subsidiary passes in core science subject such as mathematics, physics or chemistry.

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