Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics (BSc-AE)

Course Objective:

To offer students a solid foundation in economic theories and their application in analyzing real-world economic issues and policy-making. The program emphasizes quantitative analysis, economic modeling, and the use of statistical software to address economic problems.

Learning Outcomes:

Apply microeconomic and macroeconomic theories to solve economic problems.

Conduct empirical economic research using quantitative methods and data analysis tools.

Analyze the impact of public policies on economic outcomes.

Evaluate global economic trends and their implications for domestic economies.

Communicate economic analyses effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Career Scope
  • Economic Analyst: Researching and analyzing economic issues
  • Policy Advisor: Advising on economic policies and their implications
  • Market Research Analyst: Forecasting market trends and behaviors
  • Financial Consultant: Providing insights on economic conditions to guide financial decisions

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