Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Course Objective:

To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of commerce, accounting, finance, taxation, and management principles. This program is designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of careers in business, finance, and accountancy, offering the skills needed to contribute effectively to organizations of all sizes.

Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate a solid understanding of accounting principles and practices.

Analyze financial statements and apply financial management techniques.

Understand the principles of economics, marketing, and management.

Apply taxation laws and practices relevant to businesses and individuals.

Employ quantitative techniques for business decision-making.

Career Scope
  • Accountant/Auditor: Ensuring accurate financial statements and tax compliance
  • Financial Analyst: Analyzing financial data for investment opportunities
  • Banking: Roles in retail, corporate, and investment banking
  • Tax Consultant: Advising on tax planning and compliance

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