Faculty at ISBAT

Academic Structure

Dr.Pradeep Kumar
Director Academic Affairs
Dr Giju Paul, PhD,
Academic Registrar
Dr. Tom Nsubuga, PhD, MBA, PGDM
Head of Research, Planning and Projects

Faculty of Information & Communication Technology

The demand for technologically competent employees is not limited to mainline IT Jobs. Information technology and computer literacy-related knowledge and skills are becoming a critical component of almost all professions. Bearing this in mind, the faculty of Information Technology aims at addressing the growing need for professionals capable of integrating computing into Business, with a view to enhancing the outcome of the various computer-based organizations and helping them to compete internationally.
Dr Tyagi Vaibhavbhushan, PhD, MTech


Associate Professor/Associate Dean
Dr Tyagi Vaibhavbhushan, PhD, MTech
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Male Kenneth Msc
Assistant Lecturer
Mr Thilak Kumar,Msc
Assistant Lecturer
Dr. Juliet Kategaya Nsiima
Senior Lecturer
Mr Sajjad Surve,MBA
Assistant Lecturer
Mr.Philemon Bariyo,Msc
Assistant Lecturer
Dr. DV Ramana
International Guest Lecturer

Faculty of Business & Commerce

The Faculty of Business and Commerce (FBAC) at ISBAT University offers a variety of niche programmes which are relevant, technology-bundled and top-of-the-notch on job demands across the globe. The Faculty has eminent Professors and Senior Lecturers who have industry exposure and research background in their respective areas of specializations.

The programmes are outcome-based and are taught on case study and research basis with a view to provide the students with real-life practical experience. The compulsory internship and projects within the program ensure that the applied skills are sharpened for ready placement in the respective industries.

ISBAT University’s global engagements ensures that the awards are globally recognized for placement in fortune companies as well as for higher studies and research in leading global institutions. The dual degree award choice with a leading European university offers students with a unique opportunity to receive two prestigious awards leading to highly placed engagements globally.

FBAC ‘s engagement with IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education) towards global accreditation is a bigger milestone towards placing the graduates at par with the leading university awards globally. Currently the FBAC is at the level of Candidature for Accreditation status, which is a step towards full accreditation.

Dr.Peter Mbabazi Mbabazize ,PhD (Economics)


Associate Dean/Associate Professor
Dr. Robert Mindila, PhD, MBA
Dean Faculty of Graduate Studies /Associate Professor
Mr James Stephen Kawuki, MA
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Ronald Ssemanda, MBA
Assistant Lecturer

Faculty of Engineering

The faculty of Engineering is to prepare professionals for innovation and leadership careers in the global industrial marketplace, for the purpose of positively contributing to the well-being of the economy.
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