Faculty at ISBAT

Academic Committee

Dr.Pradeep Kumar
Director Academic Affairs

Research, Planning and Projects

Dr. Tom Nsubuga, PhD, MBA, PGDM
Head of Research, Planning and Projects

Faculty of Information & Communication Technology

The demand for technologically competent employees is not limited to mainline IT Jobs. Information technology and computer literacy-related knowledge and skills are becoming a critical component of almost all professions. Bearing this in mind, the faculty of Information Technology aims at addressing the growing need for professionals capable of integrating computing into Business, with a view to enhancing the outcome of the various computer-based organizations and helping them to compete internationally.
Dr. Sambasivam G, PhD, MCA
Associate Dean / Associate Professor
Mr. Dhanish Edathadan, MCA
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Sunil M R, M Tech, B E
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Sameer, MCA
Assistant Lecturer
Dr. DV Ramana
International Guest Lecturer

Faculty of Business & Commerce

We train future business leaders with dignity and flexibility, and who are able to respond to a broad range of demands in a drastically changing modern society.
Dr Robert Mindila, PhD, MBA
Associate Dean /Associate Professor

Faculty of Engineering

The faculty of Engineering is to prepare professionals for innovation and leadership careers in the global industrial marketplace, for the purpose of positively contributing to the well-being of the economy.
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