Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Course Objective:

The MBA program is designed to develop comprehensive leadership and management skills among aspiring and current business professionals. It aims to equip students with a deep understanding of business operations, strategic decision-making, and innovative management practices. The program focuses on enhancing analytical skills, critical thinking, and the ability to lead organizations through complex business challenges and opportunities in a global environment.

Learning Outcomes:

Strategic Thinking and Analysis: Demonstrate the ability to think strategically and analytically to make informed business decisions. Understand how to analyze complex business environments and apply strategic frameworks to assess opportunities and challenges.

Leadership and Management Skills: Develop strong leadership and people management skills. Exhibit the ability to lead and manage teams effectively, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and ethical practice.

Financial Acumen: Gain a deep understanding of financial management, accounting, and investment principles. Apply these principles to analyze financial statements, manage financial risks, and make sound investment decisions.

Marketing and Operations Insight: Understand the key concepts of marketing and operations management. Develop strategies to effectively position products and services in the market and optimize operational processes for efficiency and quality.

Global Perspective: Acquire a global perspective on business, understanding the economic, social, and political factors that influence international business activities. Develop strategies for operating effectively in diverse and multicultural environments.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Foster an entrepreneurial mindset and understand the process of innovation and new venture creation. Learn to identify and evaluate new business opportunities and apply innovative thinking to solve business problems.

Effective Communication: Enhance communication skills, both written and oral, to effectively convey ideas, persuade stakeholders, and negotiate successfully. Understand the importance of clear communication in team management and leadership.

Ethical and Social Responsibility: Recognize the importance of ethics and social responsibility in business. Make decisions that reflect ethical considerations and contribute positively to society and the environment.

  • Operations Management
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Eligibility Criteria
  1. For Direct Entry
    1. Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE); and
    2. At least 2 Principal passes at Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) or its equivalent, obtained at the same sitting
    3. Successful completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with minimum of 50% marks from a recognized University
  2. For Lateral Entry to Semester 2
    1. All the above (i) to (iv) criteria
    2. UG Degree in BBA or equivalent as assessed in (A) (iii) above
    3. 2 years of work experience in any organization

The MBA program is structured to provide a balanced curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications through case studies, projects, internships, and interactions with industry leaders. Graduates of the program are expected to emerge as well-rounded professionals capable of navigating and leading businesses in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Career Scope
  • Executive Roles: CEO, CFO, CMO across industries
  • Management Consulting: Strategy, operations, HR, and IT consulting in top firms
  • Investment Banking & Finance: Roles in M&A, asset management, risk analysis
  • Entrepreneurship: Start-up founding or business development roles

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